As good as it gets
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2019-01-08
Zhu Ting now has a tremendous reputation among both fans and professionals. CFP
It’s rare to see a person inspire a new word. But that’s what Chinese volleyball superstar Zhu Ting has accomplished. “Stay awesome and ZHUperb!” Volleywood, a US-based blog website for volleyball fans, recently coined the word “ZHUperb”, which combines “Zhu” and “superb”, to describe the 24-year-old player’s dominance on the court.

Last month, Zhu led her team, the Turkish club Vakifbank Istanbul, to win the Women’s Club World Championship 2018, an event organized by Federation Internationale de Volleyball.

Zhu’s prolific scoring performances also won her the honor of Best Outside Hitter at last year’s championship and the 11th Most Valuable Player award of her professional career.

Apart from her recent contributions to the well-known Istanbul club, the volleyball player is also considered to be a national hero in China. She helped the national volleyball team win gold medals at the 2015 FIVB World Cup, 2015 Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship, and 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
除了近期为这一著名的伊斯坦布尔俱乐部所做出的贡献外,朱婷在国内也被视为全民365bet官网雄。她助中国女排获得了 2015年女排世界杯冠军、 2015年亚洲女排锦标赛冠军以及2016年里约奥运会冠军。

At a young age, Zhu is captain of China women’s national volleyball team. But it hasn’t been easy for Zhu to get to where she is today.

Born to a farming family in Henan province, Zhu got a hard-won chance to attend a local sports school at the age of 13. The player got homesick during the first few months of training. But later she got over it, and with her father’s encouragement, she made progress week on week. She quickly moved from the provincial youth team to the national youth team.

In 2013, she rose to fame by helping the Chinese U20 team to win the title at the 2013 FIVB U20 World Championship. Then Zhu was enlisted in the national team and met the famous coach Lang Ping.
2013年,她因助国青队拿下 2013年世界青年(U20)女排锦标赛冠军而一跃成名。随后,朱婷入选国家队,并遇到了著名教练郎平。

At the beginning, due to her 1.98-meter height, Zhu found it difficult to move fast and hold her weight on her feet. But Lang encouraged her to take advantage of her height; she trained her to jump high to smash the ball. After this, she became an ace spiker. Now she treats her height as an aspect of her physical strength.

Zhu still works up a sweat during training. “Hard work and talent are equally important. I’ll move forward step by step,” she told People’s Daily.

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Luo Sitian)
Accomplished  实现
Awesome  了不起的
Coined  发明
Dominance  支配
Prolific  多产的
Smash  扣杀
Ace spiker  主攻手